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I need to clarify something...

Posted: Sat Sep 11, 2004 10:37 am
by Frank Marino

I STAND CORRECTED! Originally, when I was asked about the movie Last Temptation Of Christ in the Ask Frank section, I mistakenly thought the title of the question was "THE PASSION" and answered wrongly. Because it was viewed by at least 50 people, I felt it necessary to post my correction in the other forums (here) as well as in Ask Frank, lest some never go back and see the correction in the other forum and get the wrong idea about my views. My friend told me I may have mis-read, and sure enough I had. My original answer was:

"I think it is a must-see, although I caution that it is a movie, not a scripture. Nevertheless, I recommend it."


My answer should have been, based upon the question of Scorcese's movie, "Last Temptation Of Christ":

This is a MUST-NOT see under ANY circumstances! I'm going over the top, of course, but I want to overemphasize my belief that this particular movie borders on outright blasphemy. I apologize to any fellow Christians, and to God, for having given the wrong impression. I'm red-faced...

Thanks, Robb, for the heads up.