A message from Frank

If anyone wants to reach me for personal reasons, they can email me. I try to answer as many letters as I can, but it’s not always possible to get to every one of them, nor to get to all of them quickly. I’ll usually not answer emails that have questions that can be posted in the Ask Frank Message Board section… stuff like, “When are you coming to such-and-such a town”, or “Could I get the lyrics to a certain song”, or questions that are probably answered somewhere on the Website, like on the biographical pages, interview pages and such. As well, requests for pictures or signed articles really should be done through the upcoming on-line area that we’re trying to implement right now for just such purposes. I also don’t usually respond to emails that don’t have a question, or that simply compliment me, say “hello” or relate a personal story that someone just wants me to know. But I read every one of them, and greatly appreciate them all. Obviously, questions of a nature that someone would not want the public to see may be addressed to me through email, but I hope that when one wants to ask me something, they should consider whether the answer to the question might be interesting to the rest of the fans, and then they should post it in the Ask Frank section of the Message Board. As you may have seen, I usually answer every one of those.

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