Child of the Novelty


Kot’ai/Nine Records/20th Century Records

Release Date



Guitar, Vocals – Frank Marino
Bass – Paul Harwood
Drums – James Ayoub
Design, Layout – Bob Lemm
Illustration [Front Cover] – Ivan Schwartz
Photographer – “Dolby” Barton
Liner Notes – Bill Mann
Engineer – Ian Terry, Nelson Vipond
Engineer [Assistant] – Peter Burns
Producer – Frank Marino (Bob Segarini; early assistance)
Writer, Composer – Frank Marino


Look Outside

All Right!

Well take a look outside honey
Outside your marble walls
Well see the Princes callin’ out rhythms
Well can you dig it can you dig it at all
Well i’m makin’ music, I’m makin’ love now baby
I can sense the feel of it all
So gently slide into the groove now baby
I’m telling you once and for all

Talkin’ ’bout a newborn phase
A love that’s lastin’ always
Rippin’ open your soul baby
Takin’ you to your goal
Drivin’ you crazy

All Right!

Well take a look outside honey
There’s an eagle flyin’ free
Well he’s showin’ signs of new designs
Just made for you and me
Well I said now mountains can’t block the sunlight
When the sunlights shinin’ free
So take a look outside those walls now baby
There’s a whole new world to see

Talkin’ ’bout a funky sound
That makes your head go round
Well if you know what I’m tryin’
Said take a look outside, bad times are dyin’

Oh that’s what I say
Well let me take you away

Oh sing it baby

Look Outside baby
Look Outside
Love’s all around baby
Don’t you hide

Look Outside baby
Look Outside
Let yourself go and see
What you find

(Look Out)
Hey look out
(Look Out)
Hey that’s what I’m talkin’ ’bout
All right
(Look Out)
Don’t forget to move now
All right
(Look Out)
I say baby
(Look Out)
Hey what’d I say
(Look Out)
I’m talkin’ at ya
(Look Out)
Oh not inside
(Look Out)
Look Out
Look Outside
(Look Out)
All right

Thru The Milky Way

Well now, I’m ready for my lift-off and strapped down to my seat
Gonna fly on out to Mars and see the Martian fields of wheat
Had a brother up on Jupiter and I tell you it’s no lie
It cost himself a universe before he up and died

Hey I’m comin’
Milky Way
Oh old buddy’
Used to say

Well I’m a million light-years from home and here’s where I belong,
Been trying an awful long time to get a point into this song,
A song of time and men and space and how they all relate,
A song that came to me from a man who nobody could hate,

Hey, brother I’m comin’
comin’ through the Milky Way,
Oh good to see you old buddy,
Sayin’ what you used to say.


Talkin' 'Bout A Feelin'

Always putting me down
Their screamin’ that I’m walkin’
On sacred ground
Well people!
Got to try and see…
That I’m doin’ what I want now
So let me be me… yeah!

Talkin’ ’bout a feelin’ that is makin’ me feel unfree.

Oh it’s makin’ me mad
I don’t really think what I’m doing
Is all that bad.
And hey!
I’m just singin’ out a part of my soul
And I’m going to keep on tryin
To get to my goal… yeah!

Well I’m talkin’ ’bout this feelin’ that I’ve got to break out of this hold…

Child Of The Novelty

From a land where dragons stood
A young boy dared what no man could
Born of fire and ice and wood
He came here full of life
Well he loved and laughed and floated past
The echoes of a velvet mind
That whispered fairy tales untold
That kissed his mind… caressed his soul

Well times they changed and things rearranged
And a young man stood alone
But he decided to keep those echoes goin’
And ascended the mighty throne

He was a Child of a Novelty and he took ’em by surprise
He made them feel that he was real
He worked magic… (magic… magic)
Before their eyes

As time went on they said he’d done
what no man had done before
But he claimed that he was a Child of a Novelty
And nothin’ more
Well he tried to cry out how he felt
And they answered, “It’s a lie!”
But by this time this novel child had squeezed his soul…
Bone dry

He was a Child of a Novelty and he took them by surprise
He made them feel that he was real
He worked magic… (magic… magic)
Oh, he worked magic… (magic… magic)
Oh, sweet magic… (magic… magic)
Before their eyes

Makin’ My Wave

Well I was a man
With a natural grace
And in that life
I led a mighty quick pace
Well I said some things that
Turned you all on
Them all of a sudden I was
Dead and gone

Well I hope you don’t think
It’s too bold for me to say
Just what’s on my mind but I’ll
Say it anyway
Well look out people cuz I’ve
Come back from my grave, and I’m
Gonna make my wave.

Well if you can dig
What I’m talkin’ ’bout,
Then just lay back and let the music
Move you around
Cuz we all got time
To love one another
It don’t matter who you are, see,
Cuz we’re all brothers

Well I’m glad I could put
My words to you this way
I hope you dig it all
Till your dyin’ day
Well I’m comin’ on back
And I’ll be back to stay, and I’m
Gonna make my wave

Seven golden angels with
Seven golden bands
Softly clad with fiery gowns
Made from seven thousand
Golden lands
They called my name
boldly came and sang
in seven tongues
And sent me home
No more alone
To be at peace with One

A New Rock And Roll

Well now, you’re tired and lazy
You’re drivin’ me crazy, makin’ music without no soul
And I think that it’s funny ‘cause you’re all makin’ money
But it’s cool ‘cause that’s you’re goal

Well I’ll tell ya’ just what I’ll do
I’m gonna show you all a brand new…
Rock and roll

Hey I remember there once was a day
That music was honest and true
But when the cat’s gone away the mouse will play
And it seems that’s what you do

I’m gonna tell you just what I’ll say
I’m gonna show you… a new way to play…
Rock and roll

Hey, I’m trying to say, that it’s my kind
And I’ll be takin’ your music away, if you don’t mind
…Ahhh, for a little while…

Rock and roll

All Right!


Well, so lone, so small
Against these mighty structures
I feel the pavement in my bones
My head is achin’ and my mind is eruptin’
I’m changin’ from my wooden frame to stone

Well my head is clouded with indecision
I feel like I’m walkin’ the last mile
Well I think I’ll just lay back
And won’t talk no more
And I’ll let my axe speak awhile

Plastic Man

Well I’m floatin’ through a town one day
And what do you think I see
Two purple velvet ladies just as cool as they can be
Said we’re the plastic cowboy’s wives and just who might you be
But before I spoke the plastic cowboy came on up to me

He was a real Plastic Nut

Well I couldn’t help but noticin’
His silver-sequined suit
Had a flashy mirrored necktie
And a mirror on his boot
And his glasses made of custard
Were obtained from special roots
And his big six-gun shone like the sun
But couldn’t really shoot

Talkin’ bout a Plastic Man

Well he said
“Hey, man, fall down in the sand”
“Don’t make me tell you one more time”
“Or I’ll drop you where you stand”
I said,
“Hey, cowboy, I don’t really feel like dyin'”
“I think I’ll just be on my way”
“You can tell that I ain’t buyin'”

Talkin’ ’bout a Plastic Man

Well I rode my satin horse
Past this cowboy and his wives
And wondered just what Plastic Nuts
Are doin’ with their lives
Turn around for one last look
You can imagine my surprise
The big mean Plastic Man was
Cryin’ tears from his eyes

He was a real sad Plastic Man


There shall be wars…
Great wars…
And rumours of wars…

You have doomed yourselves!

Chains Of (S)pace