Mahogany Rush IV


CBS/Columbia Records

Release Date



Guitars, Vocals – Frank Marino
Bass – Paul Harwood
Drums, Percussion – Jim Ayoub
Engineer – Billy Szawlowski, Ian Terry
Engineer [Assistant] – Louis Gauthier, Paul Page
Design – Bob Lemm, Melvyn Mallet
Artwork [Cover] – Fido
Photographer [Concert] – Steven Szawlowski
Photographer [Studio] – Daniel Poulin
Writer, Producer, Composer, Arranger – Frank Marino


I’m Going Away

Well I hear voices
Oh, Singing out my choices
I hear a choir
Beckonin’ me
I’m feelin’
Like my mind is reelin’
I’m growin’ tired
Let me be

Well I see insane lights
Draining away my fight
Spittin’ with fiery
I think I understand
Why I’m checkin’ into this land
I’m goin’ home
Set me free

I know, I must go, home some day

My time
Had been so short
And now I’m
Makin’ ready
For a brand new day
This knowledge stops me weepin’
I won’t be only sleepin’

I’m goin’ away
I might be back some day
I’ll try to be the same old way
But just for now…

I’m going away

Man At The Back Door

Well, Did you ever look ’round
And get the feeling you’re fallin’
And then you’re hearin’ a sound, like your name
That’s somebody’s callin’
Well, hey, people
Now don’t you think that I’m stallin’

Well there’s a man at the back door
And he’s waiting for you to unlock it
And he’ll be comin’ inside
No use for you to try and block it


Well on occasion you’ll find
You’re in a sweat
And you don’t know why
And it’s naggin’ your mind
You get the feeling like you might cry
Well, cool it people
No need to feel like you might die

It’s just the man at the back door
He’s tryin’ to get into your head
And he’ll be patiently waitin’
Waitin’ around ’til your dead

Oh yeah, yeah

Talkin”bout a man
That’s as cold as ice…
He got candy in his hand
But daggers in his eyes…
Well, he’s mean and he’s cool
And his voice chills you…
To the bone… yeah
He’ll try to make you the fool
So be careful when you meet him alone…

On some mornin’ you’ll see
Just what I’ve been talkin’ ’bout
And you’ll believe you are free
Because you think you got it all figured out
Well, Good luck people
You’re gonna need it you know

Because your man at your back door
He’ll never… let you go
Well, He’s a stubborn old dude
Won’t want to ever let you alone

I said the man at the back door
He aint gonna let you go
Well he’s a stubborn old man
Won’t want to let you… all alone

I said your man at your back door
He never let you go
Well he’s a stubborn old man
He won’t ever… let you alone… yeah

The Answer

I’m standin’ inside a silver room
A sound inside my head like a sonic boom
Well, A preacher with a dagger purple and black
Is tearin’ sacred pictures
On my naked back

I said, “Hey preacher,” and he smiles in return
“I think you wanna see me burn
You’re squeezin’ out my blood”
Please tell me why”
But he proceeded to break down and cry

Oh does someone know the answer
Tell me Lord, does someone know the answer

I’m floatin’ beyond a cosmic dream
A feelin’ in my throat makes me wanna scream
Well, a lover who has no love to spare
Is rippin’ at the roots of my leather hair

I said, “Hey lover,” and she made a drunken face
“Well put yourself in my place
Please tell me why you wanna see me hurt at all”
But she proceeded to break down and bawl

Oh please does someone know the answer
Oh does anybody know the answer

Well I’m old
I’m tired and cold
I’m drippin’ like a rainy day
I’m searchin’ for a being who’s seen what I’ve seen
And I know I’ll find him someday

Oh I know I’ll find him someday

I know I’ll find him someday

Jive Baby

I said, jive baby
You got everything I could dig
I said, jive baby
You got buckets of love and a heart as big

Well I hope you aint leavin soon
Now I’m playin’ a tune
And I really dig playin’ to you
Oh jive baby

I said jive baby
I wanna make love all the time
I said jive baby
I wanna make ya make ya all mine

Well I never wanna see you blue
‘Cause when I’m with you
I feel just like you do
Jive baby

Oh yeah, jive baby

I said jive baby
What I gotta say won’t take long
I said jive baby
I wanna sing to the world about you
In a song
Well I said jive baby
I wanna take you along

Well I hope you don’t mind if I say
That I love you today
And I’m gonna love you anyway
Oh jive baby

It’s Begun To Rain

Well, soft cries and gentle sighs
A sound I thought I knew
It touched me through tired skies
My feelings just as blue
Well, I faked a laugh at first
And then the laugh was on me
‘Cause when I looked outside
I felt maybe it would rain

Maybe it would rain

Well, cool breezes blowin’ high
As breezes often do
They gently caress my mind
With thoughts of lovin’ you, babe
But, I had turned my face
And found that I had turned faceless
And then I looked outside
And I knew that it would rain

Oh,I knew it would rain

Oh maybe I’ll see morning…

Well, sweet Lord, please kiss my mind
And make me free once more
Well, it seems that I fell behind
And now I’m knockin’at the door
Well, I know that I messed up
But now you know, I’m sorry…
I see outside, yeah…
That it’s begun to rain
It’s begun to rain… yeah
Ah, it’s begun to rain… yeah


Well listen

Someday you’ll hear a rush of wings
So distant, a sound of secret things
And then look there, up in that rusty sky
Yonder sweeps the dragonfly
So awesome… he blocks the setting sun
He’ll come… to collect the souls of everyone

Come dragon come
In from the sun

He floats, with an eerie grace
Giant blue-green sentinel
From some distant time and space
He’ll be cold, so cold
And he’ll have no regrets
Surely… he’ll come to lay this earth to rest
I know one day you’ll see him
But please don’t ask me why
He will be a secret dragonfly

Fly dragon fly
In from the sky

So if you hear that sound
I’m talkin ’bout
Then you’ll know he’s near
And your time’s run out
Well don’t you fear, there’s nothin’
That you can say
‘Cause he’ll appear and take you to that special place

He’ll take you there
He’ll take you there

Little Sexy Annie

Little Sexy Annie
Well she’s the kind of woman makes you cry
Drugs you with a smile
And melts you with a warm enticing eye
Well she can love you so good you wanna die
But she’s a lover that you can easily despise

Yeah, Hey

Oh Can’t you feel her biting
Oh biting your brain
Oh Her body’s so inviting
But to her it’s all a game, cuz
She’s so,she’s so sexy
Oh Sexy Annie,
Yeah Yeah.

Well now, little sexy Annie
I know what you’re into
And I don’t mind
Your drug ain’t makin’ me sleep
But it sure makin’ me feel like I’m on fire
I’m gonna love you
With all my body and my soul,too
‘Cause I take just what I like
And I think I like you
Hey Hey Yeah.

Oh I know she’s been tearing
Well tearing my mind
Oh the smile she’s wearing
Well she’s trying to make me whine
She’s so,she’s so sexy
Little sexy Annie
Oh let me take you away babe


Space talk…talkin’
Star trek…trekkin’
Ground check…just checkin’


Mind phase…phasin’
Stargaze…just gazin’



Moonwalk…keep walkin’
Space talk…keep on talkin’
Star trek…keep trekkin’
Ground check…keep on checkin’
Moonstruck…keep strikin’
Dust bowl…keep on hikin’
Mind phase…keep phasin’
Stargaze…keep on gazin’


IV… (The Emperor)

I’ve been to many places
And seen many tears
And I’ve seen so many faces
Turn away in fear
For they knew I had come
To steal their years

Ah, worlds of beauty so rich with life
Well, you couldn’t know that…
…death is my wife

Ah, planets of milk and honey so sweet
Well didn’t you see that I too…
…must eat

Sometimes you may think I’m just…
Well,I’m just waitin’ for the darkness…
…To seep in…

Worlds of wonder and heavenly grace
Well didn’t you see that you
can’t hide your face

Well, time will pass on and on and away
But I know I’ll always…
…have my way

I’ll have my way

Well, I just wanna’give you
Some advice to keep
Well if you recognize my cloak,
Then weep…
And if sometime you feel you’re tired…
…Then sleep…

Ah yeah, you’ll sleep so deep